We can run a course in your school for all your staff as either a twilight or half day session.

The cost is £250 and all your staff can attend. Participants can remain socially distant from each other during the course if circumstances require this.

There is no mileage charge for schools in Lancashire, Greater Manchester, Merseyside and Cheshire.

We are currently offering five different CPD sessions. We can also offer bespoke CPD (see below).

Working Scientifically for Primary Schools

If you’ve not had any whole school Science CPD for some time, this session is a great place to start.

Covering the full range of opportunities for using Science Enquiry Skills to teach Science across the school:

  • Classifying (Similarities and Differences)
  • Fair Testing
  • Observing and Measuring
  • Collecting and Handling Data
  • Pupils Asking and Answering their own Questions

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Making Science Knowledge Stick

The latest KS2 National Science Sampling Test revealed that only 21% of Year 6 pupils were meeting the required standard in Science. Ofsted has defined learning as “permanent change to long-term memory”. Studies show that new learning is quickly forgotten, unless you revisit it.

In this session we look at a whole host of techniques and activities that will boost your pupils’ ability to recall the facts you have taught them.

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Brilliant Biology for Primary Schools

Covering Plants, Animals, Human Biology, Habitats and Evolution. Lots of great ideas to bring this topic to life through practical ‘hands-on’ activities such as sampling, sorting, identifying, fair testing and games. Easy to follow tips on sprouting seeds and growing plants to bring a little greenery to the classroom!

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Materials and Chemistry for Primary Schools

Material Properties, Changes and Uses are all covered for KS1. Solids, Liquids, Gases, Reversible and Irreversible Changes are looked at in depth for KS2. A very practical session which shows how lots of experiments can be carried out using easily-resourced everyday items, to provide a host of interesting learning experiences for the children.

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Phenomenal Physics for Primary Schools

Electricity, Forces, Earth in Space, Light and Sound are the topics we look at in this session. This will include opportunities to introduce some of the building blocks of physics in Key Stage 1 through Seasons and Materials topics. A comprehensive tour through primary physics that will build teacher confidence in teaching ‘tricky’ concepts.

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Bespoke CPD

Is there something you’d like us to cover? Perhaps help with your Science Curriculum Planning or Science Policy? Contact us and we’ll discuss what we can do to support you. We can also offer one-to-one consultations for the Science Lead Teacher.