Making Science Knowledge Stick CPD

This course will show you how to ensure your pupils retain the scientific knowledge they have acquired. It will help them make progress (know more, remember more) in Science.

The session covers:

Understanding why children forget

Evidence-based strategies to boost recall

A range of fun, fast activities and games suitable for children right across the curriculum

Quizzes and Science Knowledge Organizers for every KS1 and KS2 Science unit

This session is very ‘hands-on’, with lots of opportunity to try out the different activities.

A copy of the activities, games, quizzes and Science Knowledge Organisers will be given to you at the end of the session (on a pen drive or CD) so that you can add these resources to the Science area of your school’s computer drive.

This course can be run as a twilight or half day in your school.
The cost is £250.
All your staff can attend the course.

Recent Feedback:

” Lots of variety, can see how these activities will help the children remember their science. Relevant for everyone’s classes” Our Lady and All Saints Primary School, Parbold

“Great to do the activities and to hear the theory of how ‘recall methods’ help the children consolidate their ideas about science” Light Oaks Junior School, Salford

“Amazing transferable activities, all based on real learning. Easy to use straight away for any year group” Pikes Lane Primary, Bolton

“Great for boosting recall, quick and fun for the children. We can introduce these ideas into classes from tomorrow!” St Michael’s Primary, Bamford

“Really engaging. Great that the activities require minimal planning for the teacher” Cornholme Primary, Todmorden