Outdoor Science Learning

A recent survey of primary school pupils1 revealed that 44% ‘like science a lot’ and 42% ‘like it’.

In another survey2, 91% of primary school teachers reported that science is a subject they enjoy teaching and that this is influenced by their children’s reactions.

In particular, opportunities for outdoor learning – when studying, for example, plants, animals or habitats -are ‘universally enjoyed’ by children and so the teachers enjoy it too.

Outdoor Classroom Day is a global campaign to celebrate and inspire outdoor learning and play. In 2018, over 3.5 million children in over 100 countries took part.

This year, there are two dates: Thursday 23rd May and Thursday 7th November.

Sign up through Explorify – they have lots of ideas for outdoor science learning activities, too. Click the link to Explorify here


1 ‘What pupils think of science in primary schools’ Wellcome Trust January 2019.

2 ‘Understanding the ‘state of the nation’ report of UK primary science education’ Wellcome Trust January 2019.

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