Phenomenal Physics for Primary Schools CPD

This session looks at Electricity, Forces, Earth in Space, Light and Sound at KS2. With such a large area of tricky concepts to cover, we can either touch on all of them, or focus in on the ones that your staff or pupils find more challenging.

We carry out simple but effective investigations into magnets, friction and air resistance. Easy demonstrations on levers that the pupils can make themselves will really boost understanding.

Build confidence in electrical circuit-making as we show you the common pitfalls which can prevent the children getting their circuits to work properly. We’ll show you how bulbs that look the same actually need different amounts of volts to make them bright, the commonest reason why buzzers don’t buzz and how to make your motors spin the right way!

The light section links in with KS1 understanding of Materials, and again we show some fool-proof investigations guaranteed to generate some great data. In sound, we demonstrate the two key concepts that children struggle with – volume and pitch – in hands-on ways.

Finally, in Earth and Space we’ll see how tricky ideas like the seasons can be shown with the use of simple models. We’ll also look at a host of excellent, free online resources that can really boost understanding in this area.

All the activities come on a  pen drive or CD disc that you can upload to your school server.

If you’re interested in this CPD, then get in touch with us by email via the Contact page, and we can have a chat about which is the best approach for your school.

This course can be run as a twilight or half day in your school.

 The cost is £250.

All your staff can attend the course.

Easy when you know how! Creating clear shadows that can easily be measured. The experiment shows the relationship between light source distance and shadow size.

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Creative use of pushes, pulls, stretching and twisting shows the link between materials and forces for KS1.

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