Materials and Chemistry for Primary Schools CPD

Starting with EYFS and KS1 classifying properties, uses and changes to materials, we look at some fun activities and investigations. We then progress onto early KS2 rocks, using chocolates and sweets as memorable examples to help with classification and identification of the commonest kinds.

Solids, liquids and gases are looked at in detail, along with the attendant misconceptions children often have when studying them. Advice is given on how to tackle these through talk and hands-on work. For changing states, we show a range of easy to set up investigations that can generate really useful data which can be recorded in tables and graphs.

We show how making mixtures, separating mixtures and irreversible changes enquiries can be carried out by the pupils in your classroom using simple, easily resourced equipment.

All the activities come on a  pen drive or CD disc that you can upload to your school server.

This course can be run as a twilight or half day in your school.

 The cost is £250.

All your staff can attend the course.

We’ll look at everyday kitchen chemicals that can be used for some great investigations

bicarb set up

We’ll look at ways to do micro-chemistry with tiny amounts of materials – below we’ve evaporated salty water to make tiny salt crystals