Brilliant Biology for Primary Schools CPD

Primary Biology is often a tricky area for schools to cover, particularly urban ones with limited access to natural habitats. We’ll look at a whole host of ways to tackle this, along with tips on how to improve habitat areas that you may already have in school.

Starting with habitats, we’ll show how, from EYFS to KS1 through to KS2, this area of study can really be brought to life. There are lots of readily available free resources if you know where to look, which we’ll demonstrate. We’ll build teachers confidence in their ability to classify British plants and animals, showing strategies they can use to get the children used to recognising the different common species they have found.

For growing plants, we’ll show you that it doesn’t have to be everyone growing cress all the time! We’ll give you our foolproof method for sprouting seeds and tips on how to grow plants at any time of year, whatever the weather.

We’ll also give ideas for studying the senses, teeth, muscles and circulation that can be easily carried out in class or in P.E.

Finally, we’ll look at evolution and how to help children make sense of this big idea.

All the activities come on a  pen drive or CD disc that you can upload to your school server.

This course can be run as a twilight or half day in your school.

 The cost is £250.

All your staff can attend the course.

We’ll show you fool-proof methods for sprouting seeds so that they go from this….


…to this!